How To View Sensitive Content On Twitter

As it is widely known, social media has been so popular in recent years. There are so many social media platforms today. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are the most popular ones. People use Twitter to get the latest news instantly, they follow people they like, they follow their friends, they also follow their favorite writers and journalists if they have. Of course, users also share tweets and they are read by their followers. There are millions of tweets which are shared on Twitter everyday. Some of those tweets get so popular. Every tweet has a potential to be so popular and reach thousands of people instantly. Once a tweet is retweeted by thousands of people, it may reach thousands of users in a very short time. Some users want their tweets to be read by many users. So, they buy Twitter retweets for their tweets.

How Can I View Sensitive Content On Twitter?

While retweet is so popular, there are also many popular topics about Twitter. One of them is about sensitive contents. As there are millions of tweets, some of them may have not have appropriate content for public. Those kinds of contents are marked as sensitive content. If you want to view sensitive content, you need to follow a few steps. Now we will explain what to do in order to view sensitive content on Twitter.

Change The Settings

First, go to your profile and then click settings and privacy. You will see privacy and security in the list. Once you click it, you will see an option “Hide sensitive content”

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Reveal Sensitive Content

Uncheck the box near the option and save changes. When you do that, you will give permission to view sensitive content on Twitter. You won’t see any warning when you see a content that has sensitive content.

How To View Sensitive Content On Twitter
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