How to Unblock Someone On Instagram

Social media has gained much popularity in recent years and today it is so powerful as there are millions of people who use it. Although there are many social media platforms, people most prefer Instagram. Because it is simple to use. Users can easily share their photos and videos, make stories, share them and more. As the interactivity is very important on Instagram, people want to have followers to get interacted with other users. However, is not easy to have thousands of followers. So, people try different methods. For example, some of them buy 1000 real Instagram followers or more if they want. The reason that people buy 1000 real Instagram followers or more is that they can have thousands of followers in a very short time so that they don’t need to wait for users to follow them. If your purpose is same, you can consider to buy 1000 real Instagram followers as well.

How Can I Unblock Someone That I Blocked?

Although Instagram is very popular, there are many features that aren’t known by the users. For example, they block a user. But then they change their mind but don’t know how to block them. If you have the same problem you should keep reading our article.

The blocked User Can’t See Your Profile

First, you should know that the user you blocked can’t see your profile and your posts. So, you need to unblock him in order to make him see your profile and posts.

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How to Unblock A User Step By Step

Go to the profile of the user that you want to unblock. Tap the three dots button that is at the top-right of the screen. You will see options. Tap “Unblock the user” option. Once you tap, the user will be unblocked and he will reach your profile again.

How to Unblock Someone On Instagram
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