How to Turn Off Notifications On Facebook Messenger

Social media has been so popular in recent years. Facebook is known as the first social media platform and it has been so popular since it was first established. People like to use Facebook as well as they like to use other social media platforms and apps. They do many things on Facebook. Users can share things that they like, see their friends’ posts. They can create fan pages, join a fan page and share things that they are interested. Once they create fan pages they need followers in order to make them popular. So, they try to get followers, buy Facebook followers to their fan pages.

How Can I Turn Off Notifications On Facebook Messenger?

While people try to get followers, they also search many topics about Facebook. One of them is about how to turn off Facebook Messenger. As it is commonly known, Facebook released an app called Facebook messenger which users can send private messages to each other. When they get a private message, they get a notification and read it. Sometimes, it may be annoying if there are too messages especially if the person is busy at that time. So, it may be necessary to turn off those notifications. Let’s see how to turn off notifications on Facebook Messenger step by step:

Turn Off Notifications On Facebook Messenger Step By Step

You can turn off notification in settings. First, open the app, log into your account with your Facebook mail address and password. Then, go to settings. You will see “notifications and sounds”. When you tap here, all notifications and sounds will be turned off.

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No Time Limit

Note that there is no time limit. They will be turned off until you open them again. When you want to turn on notifications, you need to go to settings and tap notifications again.

How to Turn Off Notifications On Facebook Messenger
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