How to Set Up a Creative Facebook Cover Video

How to Set Up a Creative Facebook Cover Video

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When people visit your page, your Facebook cover video is one of the first things they’ll notice. For new visitors, your cover video can help represent your brand and tell your story in just a few seconds. A short video can do you wonders if done correctly. A Video immediately grabs the users attention. Just like in the news feed, a cover video will auto-play. This can help keep visitors on your page and simultaneously drive more traffic and engagement. (Facebook Support)

What is the size of Facebook cover video?

A Facebook video must be a minimum of 820 x 312 pixels; however, the recommendation is 820 x 462 pixels. The video length must be between 20 and 90 seconds. If your video is longer than that, you’ll need to trim it before uploading it to Facebook.

Facebook cover video

Can I use a video for my Facebook cover?

Yes! In fact, we encourage it even more if you have a business page. It’s more engaging than just a still photo. If you have a personal page you will not have this feature currently but maybe in the future they will provide it.

Do Facebook cover videos play on mobile?

Yes. The cover video will play automatically on mobile the same way it does on desktop. Don’t worry about that!

How do you crop a video for Facebook cover?

Videos will automatically be cropped to 820 x 462 pixels. For this reason, it’s important to keep any important images and text centralized so they won’t get cut out. The mobile crop is slightly different and will crop less of your video, but once you’ve uploaded it, double-check to make sure it looks okay on mobile.

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Facebook cover video

How to upload a Facebook cover video?

Go to your pages cover photo and hover over it until you see Change cover. Click on that. After the menu pops up, select “Upload Photo or Video”

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How to Set Up a Creative Facebook Cover Video
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