How to Set Privacy Options On Instagram

Being the leading social media platform, Instagram is so popular around the world. Millions of people use it and share their photos and videos. People like to use it. Having followers is important for many people so that they get interacted with more people. Some of them buy services which provide them Instagram followers. They search best site to buy Instagram followers and buy them when they find. It is good idea to find the best site to buy Instagram followers if you need followers on Instagram.

How to Set Privacy Options On Instagram

With its great popularity, Instagram has taken many issues. Apart from having followers, people wonder many issues. Privacy is one of them. It is very important of many people as well as the best site to buy Instagram followers. Considering this, Instagram has taken strict rules about privacy. That is why it is popular and trustable social media platform. You can make your account private while you set the privacy options. So, let’s find out what you can do to set privacy options.

Sharing Photos

One of the most important privacy options is about sharing photos. Your followers can see what you shared on your profile. But, you can set limits and make your photos available just for those who you want to see, not all followers. While you can select up to 15 users, you can share photos directly with them so that they aren’t shown up to everyone.

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Share Your Photos With Those Who You Want

When you select users that you want, they can see your photos as well as they can like and make comments. The photos you share won’t be shown up in search results and you will be able to delete them any time you want. It is a great option for those who take importance on privacy.

How to Set Privacy Options On Instagram
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