How To Remove Tags On Twitter

Being known as one of the most popular social media platforms, Twitter has millions of users today. With its simple and user-friendly interface Twitter has got people’s interest and people have used Twitter as a communication way. It is a fast communication way. Whenever someone shares a tweet, it can spread quickly and reach thousands of people. It is made with retweet feature. If a user likes a tweet, he can retweet it on Twitter so that his followers can see it as well. If they like it, they can also retweet and their followers will see. That is why a tweet can be shared very easily and it can be popular on Twitter. Many users want to be popular on Twitter. So, they try to make their tweets retweeted by other users. Some of them also buy Twitter retweets. In this way, their tweets become popular so fast.

How Can I Remove A Tag When A User Tags Me On Twitter?

Apart from retweets, there are many other popular features of Twitter. One of them is tag. Users can tag other users in their posts. When a user clicks tag he is redirected to that user’s profile. Although it is a nice feature, some users may not want to be tagged. Of course, it is possible to remove those tags. Now we will explain how to remove when a user tags you on Twitter.

Remove Tag On Twitter Step by Step

First, log into your Twitter profile, go to settings and privacy. Find privacy and security in the list. Once you tap it, find the field about tags.

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There are Three Options

You will see three options there. You can allow someone to tag you, allow only those who you follow to tag you or you can disallow everyone to tag you. Once you make your choice and save changes, you won’t be tagged by other users on Twitter.

How To Remove Tags On Twitter
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