How to Post YouTube Videos on Instagram

How to Post YouTube Videos on Instagram

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In this article we will teach you how to post Youtube videos on Instagram. The amount of video content that is being uploaded to YouTube on a daily basis is simply staggering. The diversity of the videos that can be found on YouTube makes it a valuable resource for highly skilled professionals as well as an endless source of entertainment.

If you are on YouTube you probably have an Instagram account as well. Use both of them interchangeably to your advantage. Creating traffic on both platforms as well as reaching a wider range of potential followers. There are many reasons you should consider posting your YouTube videos to Instagram. For example, you might want to create a teaser trailer, to make a mash up of older videos, or create hype about a video coming out at a later date or to just edit the best parts of your videos into a smaller one for your Instagram Audience. Captivate on the best parts of your videos and use them throughout other social media outlets as well. (Instagram Support)

How to post Youtube videos on Instagram

A teaser trailer

If you have a new video coming out at a later date or that you recently posted on YouTube, then you can create hype by making a short trailer to briefly highlight what the video is about. For instance, if you do prank videos, then you could add the peak moments of the videos and say coming out soon or Swipe up to watch new latest video.

Combine the best videos

Grab the best parts of your older videos and combine them in a way you see fit to maybe show the progress of your channel or to remind your followers why they initially followed you.

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How to post Youtube videos on Instagram

How to post YouTube videos on Instagram

Since your YouTube videos are most often than not, longer than just 60 seconds. You are going to have to edit your videos to a maximum of 60 seconds. That’s not such a bad thing though, shorter videos are definitely  more appropriate for the short attention span generation we live in today especially when it comes to Instagram.

There are a wide variety of editing tools for your PC and mobile as well. If you already edit your own YouTube videos then you can probably edit them for YouTube as well.

Here are a few top recommended Editing software’s for PC:

Adobe Premiere Elements 11

AVS Video Editor

iSkySoft Video Editor

Pinnacle Studio 20

HitFilm Express


YouTube Video Editor

Windows Movie Maker

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How to Post YouTube Videos on Instagram
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