How to Hide Your Profile On Instagram

Instagram has taken much steps since it was established. It has been so popular since that time and today there are millions of Instagram users. What makes it so popular is that its interactivity between the users. Users can get interacted with each other easily while they follow each other, share their photos, videos, like them and make comments. Users need followers to do these actions. The more they have followers, the more they can get interacted with people and they have fun. So, they try to have more followers. They search the best site to get Instagram followers and get their service. It is an easy way to have more followers on Instagram. If you are looking for followers you can find the best site to get Instagram followers and have more followers in a short time.

How to Hide your Profile On Instagram

Although people look for new followers and want to get interacted with more people, sometimes they may not want to be seen. In this case, they can hide their profiles so that nobody can see them and send follow request.

How Can I Hide My Profile On Instagram?

That is the common question asked by those who don’t want to be seen on Instagram. We will explain how to hide your profile step by step:
First, log in to your Instagram account and then go to settings. There you will see an option “Hide my profile”. So, your profile will be hidden and nobody will be able to view it.

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Hide Your Profile From Any Device

You can hide your Instagram profile from any device such as pc, phone or tablet. Once you hide your profile, you can take back your likes on posts. It is also simple to make your your profile available whenever you want.

How to Hide Your Profile On Instagram
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