How to Get More Followers on Instagram

How to Get More Followers on Instagram

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Would you want to get Instagram followers? Instagram is getting bigger and bigger every day and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to stop soon. Taking action to gain followers on Instagram requires a clear and strict plan to be successful on Instagram. It can waste your precious resources and can drain a lot of time. Yet, staying focused is the main goal. You shouldn’t forget it’s not a sprint, but a marathon. So, we’re going to help you to find reasonable and creative ways to build your authentic follower base.

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Craft your profile to its completion

A good Instagram profile should be intriguing and attractive. You can use keywords in your shown name and your username should be the same with every other social media account you have. A good biography should give clear information about your business or personality and people should find their reason to follow you here. Neatly prepared Story Highlights is a good way to get people’s attention.

Do not forget that when people enter your profile, it will only take them seconds scroll your profile and decide to follow or ignore you. Make those seconds count. (Instagram Support)

Define your target audience

Have a clear vision of who you are targeting to attract. If you’re an aspiring make-up artist, you should target young females and their trends. If you’re a rapper or a singer, you should target A&Rs, mainstream listeners and die-hard music fans. That list can go on.

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With that way, you can create specific content for your target audience as you will know what they like, what they want to see and what irritates them. Use mass general knowledge to your advantage.

Create engaging content

Everybody knows that Instagram rewards engagement with more. Yet, you’re not going to receive this interaction without some solid content to interact to. Try to post daily and use your Stories feature. As people who post daily are more likely to get four times more followers than the ones that do not.

Try to create at least 9 solid posts before you promote or share your account anywhere. People love content, give them some.

Share your account on everywhere you can

Maybe it’s just a new Instagram account but if you wish to gain followers on Instagram you will have to share your account in all ways you can. If you wish to get discovered, you would do anything to get noticed. So, find ways to get easily discoverable. If you already have a follower base on some other social media network, share your links and ask people to help you to grow your audience.

If you have a personal or business web site, don’t forget to include your account’s link and name in it.

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Use relevant hashtags for your target audience

Create your own hashtag for your brand and build a foundation on it as it will help you to personalize your business and it will be exclusive to your customer base and so-called tribe.

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Aim to get featured by Instagram or interaction creator influencers

The easiest ways to get more followers on Instagram are getting featured by Instagram’s official account or highly engaged influencers. Additional to that, getting featured on the ‘Explore’ page is a great way to boost up your numbers as more than 200 million users visit the page daily.

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There is only a way to overnight success on Instagram and it requires creative, quality content and getting featured on widespread pages and accounts.

Try to buy Instagram followers

We know it can sound ridiculous but we all know that Instagram prefers highly engaging content to be featured. Not just on ‘Explore’ page but also with suggestions to other accounts. If you’re struggling with original ways to gain followers on Instagram, you can always buy Instagram followers.

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When you buy real Instagram followers, they can engage organically with your posts and help you to create a solid ground to thrive with your brand new followers. Sometimes you just need to stick a foot in.

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How to Get More Followers on Instagram
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