How to Download Instagram Videos

How to Download Instagram Videos

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It is quite easy to download Instagram videos on PC. Whatever reason you may want to download Instagram videos, it is simple and permitted to do so if the video’s owner’s account is open to public. Besides, it is not possible to download Instagram videos from private accounts.

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Unfortunately, it is not possible to download Instagram videos to iPhone or download Instagram video to Android within the official Instagram mobile app. Back then, people used to download mentioned videos with the help of third-party plugins, but everyone knows how these plugins affect user’s experience and these apps are usually not well-intentioned. Furthermore, we suggest you never share your password with these types of apps, as they have little to no regard for user’s privacy and using these apps is a great way to get hacked or scammed and it’s almost impossible to get your account and data back after you lose your account to malicious apps. (Instagram Support)

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How to Download Videos from Instagram

Yet, Buy Instagram Followers has a unique solution for to users who wish to download Instagram video without much hassle. All you have to do is paste the link of the video to our tool and you’ll download your desired video right away. The tool does not ask for your password and no payment is needed to use this service. Instagram Video Downloader tool is easy-to-use and completely free to use. So, if you want to proceed to the action, we suggest you follow the steps below.

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  1. First, Open the official Instagram app.
  2. Then, Log in to your account.
  3. Go to the profile of the owner of the video that you wish to download.
  4. Next, you want to Open the video post. Copy it’s link by tapping on the three dots on top right and tapping ‘Copy Link’.
  5. Open our Free Instagram Video Downloader tool and paste the link of the video.
  6. Finally, click on ‘Download’ and wait for your video to download.
  7. It is as easy like that!

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How to Download Instagram Videos
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