How to Disable Instagram Account Temporarily

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How Can I Disable My Instagram Account Temporarily?

If you don’t want to use Instagram for a while, you may want to disable your account temporarily. So, your profile including all photos and videos won’t be available for anyone. It is easy to disable an Instagram account easily with a few steps.

How to Disable Instagram Account Step By Step

As it is commonly known, it wasn’t available to disable Instagram account before. Instead, users could delete their account permanently. But then, this new feature was included and users were offered to disable their accounts, not to delete them.

Users who want to disable their account can open their web browser, write and press Enter. They can go to settings to reach that page as well. Then, they are wanted to select a reason to disable their account.

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Enter Your Account’s Password

After they choose the reason and enter their account’s password they can successfully disable their accounts temporarily. Note that it is not possible to log in to the account in 24 hours.

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