How to Broadcast Live Video On Instagram

As commonly known, Instagram is the most preferred social media app by the users. It is also one of the most downloaded apps in App Store and Google Play Store. Today there are millions of users who share their photos and videos. As they do it with their followers, most of the users try to have more followers. They send follow request to people they know or they don’t know, some of them look for the best way to get Instagram followers. As there are many ways to get Instagram followers users search the best way to get Instagram followers and they get many followers in a short time. If your aim is to have much followers in a short time, you can find the best way to get Instagram followers as well.

How Can I Broadcast Live Video On Instagram?

While people search the best way to get Instagram followers, it is not only what they look for. One of the most asked questions about Instagram is that how to broadcast live video. We will explain how to do it step by step.

Broadcast Your Live Video On Instagram Step By Step

Since it has been available to broadcast live videos, it has been very popular feature and you can see many users who broadcast live videos on Instagram. You should know that the minimum time limit of live video is 10 seconds and the maximum limit is 1 hour. Instagram live video is a part of stories. Slide to the right after you tap the stories. Then, open your camera. You can start your live video when you tap “Start Live Video” option.

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Viewers Can Make Comment During the Live Video

You should know that viewers of the live video make comments and they can send heart emojis. So, we can say Instagram live video is similar to Periscope.

How to Broadcast Live Video On Instagram
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