How To Add A User To Tweetdeck

Twitter is a well-known social media platform around the world. Twitter app is also one of the most downloaded apps in Google Play Store and App Store. There are millions of users who use Twitter on their mobile devices and computers. The reason that Twitter has become so popular is that people have found an opportunity to share their opinions with public. Once a tweet is shared it can reach thousands of people. Other users can like that tweet as well as they can make comments so that users can get instant feedbacks about their tweets. People not only share their opinions, but also they share interesting things that they like on Twitter. However, they need followers to reach people. Otherwise, nobody will see their tweets. Some of the users buy Twitter followers. In this way, they get followers and make their tweets reach people.

How Can I Add A User To Tweetdeck?

There are many other useful features of Twitter. That is why Twitter is so popular. One of the popular features of Twitter is Tweetdeck. When you join a Tweetdeck group, you will be notified when tweets are shared in that group. Now, we will explain how to add a user from Tweetdeck.

Add A User To Tweetdeck Step By Step

First, log into your account on Twitter, tap profile icon, go to settings and privacy. Tap privacy and security. There you will find options about Tweetdeck. You can choose between “allow a user to add you to Tweetdeck”, “allow only those who you follow to add you to Tweetdeck”, “don’t allow any user to add you to Tweetdeck”. Choose one of the options according to you.

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The User Must Allow You To Add Him

If you want to add a user to Tweetdeck, he must allow you to add him first. Once he allows, you can add him.

How To Add A User To Tweetdeck
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