Hide Tweets Of Users That You Blocked On Twitter

Twitter has gained a huge popularity with the popularity of social media in recent years. At first Facebook became popular. Then, people started to know more about social media and it has been very common in time. In this time, other social media platforms have been established. They are also very popular today. Twitter is one of them. There are millions of tweets shared by the users on Twitter everyday. When those tweets are liked, retweeted by many users, they can become very popular on Twitter fast. For example, some important news can be known by millions of users on Twitter instantly because those tweets are liked and retweeted. Moreover, users need followers in order to reach people on Instagram. They can’t get any likes or retweets without followers. So they try to have followers on Twitter. Some of them buy Twitter followers to their profiles.

I Don’t Want to See Tweets Of The Users That I Blocked On Twitter. How Can I Do That?

Just as users can share tweets with their followers and follow other people, they can also block users that they don’t want to get interacted with. But the problem is that even if they block the users they can see their tweets. We will explain how to hide tweets of those users that you blocked on Twitter.

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Hide Tweets That You Don’t Want To See

First, open Twitter app on your mobile device and go to your profile. Tap settings and privacy. You will see privacy and security option in the list. When you select it, you will see an option including “remove accounts that you blocked or muted”.

Tweets Will Be Gone

Once you check the box of this option and save chances, the accounts that you blocked or muted will be removed from the search results. In this way, you won’t see any tweet of these accounts again.

Hide Tweets Of Users That You Blocked On Twitter
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