Hide Someone’s Story and Regram On Instagram

It is possible to hide stories that you don’t want to see on Instagram. Especially if you are one of those who have many followers there will be several stories. But if you don’t have much followers and you want to increase followers you have you can consider to buy Instagram followers. It will be take too much time to see all stories. There is a practical solution for it so that you can view stories you want, not all and you can save your time.

In our previous post, we shared how to hide our stories from unwanted users. So, you are free to choose stories you want to view. As you may already know, Stories has been so popular around users since it was released. More than 300 million people share their stories or view others’ stories everyday. But some of them have began to use it for spam. Accounts of some trademarks, companies, celebrities, singers, writers or ordinary people share too many stories regularly. Besides, it may be boring to see stories of your close friends every time on top. But it is simple to hide them.

How to Hide Unwanted Stories On Instagram?

If you think that “I don’t need to see stories, that is just enough to see posts” and you don’t want to unfollow the user, you can hide that user’s stories. So, just hold on the story icon of the user. Two options will appear on screen including “see profile” and “hide user”. If you tap “hide user”, the story of the user will be placed at the end of the flow and it won’t appear. The icon will seem half transparent. If you want to reopen the story you just need to do the same process again.

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We should remind that it is different to hide story and unfollow a user. Even if you hide stories of a user, you will continue to see posts of him or her.

So, it will be more comfortable to use Instagram when compared to past. As there are many users, thousands of posts and stories are being shared in every moment. Of course it would be wise to select which stories we want to see. Otherwise that would be waste of time to see many unnecessary things. Not only you save time, but also you can save your bandwidth as those stories take much bandwidth.

A New Instagram Feature – Regram

There may be a new coming Instagram feature. It is called Regram. It is still being tested by team. It will be possible to save stories you like and see them later with Regram.

The interface of the new option is similar to the interface of save post. It is not all. According to the video leaked on internet, thousands of gif pictures will be reached on giphy and it will be possible to add them into stories. That means there will be more tags to add into stories. Of course, that will take much interest of those who like to share stories.

Hide Someone’s Story and Regram On Instagram
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