How to Hide Instagram Account From People

There are two profile types on Instagram. You can prefer one of them according to your choice. If your profile is public everyone can see your photos, videos, profile picture as well as they can follow you. But if you want to hide your Instagram account you need to set it to private so that only those who you approve their request can follow you and see your photos and videos.

How to Make Your Profile Private

If you want to set your profile private you can follow these steps:

Log in to Instagram
Go to settings while pressing name-card looking profile button. You will see a button shaped like a mechanical gear. Tap it.

Find Privacy Option

You will see privacy option here. A label which “Photos are private” is written.
When you press the toggle switch there will appear a message saying “Toggle to require authorization before anyone can follow you. Your existing followers won’t be affected.”
The button is off. Press it and make it on.
You will get a new message saying “Are you sure?”
Click “I’m sure”.
It is done. You made your photos private to everyone except your followers.

Disable Your Account

There is another way to hide your Instagram account from everyone. If you don’t want your photos and videos to be seen temporarily you can disable your account so that other users won’t see them until you activate your account. We will explain it step by step:
Log in to Instagram.
Click on “Edit Profile”
You will see an option, “Temporarily Disable My Account” in the bottom.
You will be asked why you want to disable your account. Select an answer appropriate for you from the drop-down menu. Re-enter your password and finally click “Temporarily Disable Account”. It will be disabled.

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How to Hide Instagram Account From People
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