Golden Globe & Instagram – The Growing Emphasis On Visual Content Marketing

Golden Globe & Instagram – The Growing Emphasis On Visual Content Marketing

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Oh What A Carpet That Is! Not A Flying One, But A Long Red One! The Red Carpet Of Golden Globe! Instagram did its portion again even at Golden Globe. Do you know what that is ? With Instagram A Celebrity’s Popularity Turned Out To Be What A Measurable Certainty!!!

Bringing Instagram To The Red Carpet – New ways to make fans part of the excitement of the Golden Globe – The Golden Globes always bring out some of the funniest and most unforgettable moments of award season. If you watched the show, you might’ve missed some amazing behind-the-scenes photos straight from your favorite celebrities. If you go to the Golden Globes and don’t Instagram the entire night, did you actually go to the Golden Globes?

An Exclusive Video Experience – When that day comes, the day of Golden Globe, it turns out to be the day of nothing but Instagram. That day  Instagram does curate an exclusive video experience on the app’s “explore” tab that goes live throughout the day and presents the Golden Globe exclusive video content from celebrities, media personalities and industry insiders.

Direct Engagement With Fans – Instagram presents an excellent opportunity for talent to engage directly with their fans via video and really capture what it feels like to be there on the red carpet with the nominees.

We’ve seen Hollywood increasingly embrace Instagram, and this integration at the Golden Globes is bringing the Instagram community into the show like never before. By bringing this technology to the red carpet, Hollywood undergoes an unprecedented transformation.

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Golden Globes Red Carpet – Let’s Be Honest!  On Yes, live television just doesn’t do the hair and makeup justice. Thankfully, Instagram is there for us when we want to creep our celebs, makeup artists and hairstylists as they get ready for one of the biggest nights of awards season.

Since the official Golden Globes Twitter account also encourages fans to take a look at their Instagram account, where they post more than a hundred behind-the-scenes photos; With the growing emphasis on visual content marketing, it becomes a very smart move and the payoff in engagement happens to be huge.

The Day of Golden Globe – TV & Instagram – In that day, the main action may be on TV, but we all know some of the best candid moments for us beauty nerds happen behind the scenes. Proving they don’t just wake up looking like that, scroll down to see the  Instagram shots, starring our celebs.

The Golden Globe honors the best of film and television. Although we can’t all be there to see it ourselves, we can live vicariously through the glamorous Instagram photos, Long Live Instagram!

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Golden Globe & Instagram – The Growing Emphasis On Visual Content Marketing
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