How to Get Back Stolen Instagram Account

With its new improvements being made, Instagram has become a popular social media platform around users. But, it has also increased some problems with its popularity. One of them is hacked accounts. Some people who have bad purposes hack users’ accounts and use them according to their purposes. What is more, these kinds of actions continue to rise. But, of course there is solution. We will explain how to recover a hacked Instagram account in our article.

How To Recover A Hacked Instagram Account

There is a chance to recover your hacked account. You need to follow these steps:
Open your web browser, clear the address field, write “″ and press Enter.
You will see a page including the title “Report A Hacked Account”
There is an explanation below including that you can report if someone hacked your account. If you can’t log in because you forgot your password you can tap “Forgot Password?”.

Complete the Form To Recover Your Hacked Account

There is a form below the explanation. You need to fill those fields.
“Which account was hacked?”. Choose between “my account”, “someone’s account”.
“Can you have access to the e-mail address that is associated with thea account?”. Choose between “Yes” and “No”.

Give Your E-mail Address

“E-mail address that we can contact you (and also that you only have access)”. You can write an e-mail address of yourself. This will be used to contact you.
“The username of the account that you report”. Write the username of the account that you are trying to recover.
“E-mail address that you wrote when you registered.” Write here the e-mail address that you wrote when you registered Instagram.
Then, click option “There are pictures including me in this account”.
“Have you created this account?” You can choose between “yes” and “no”.
Who have accessed your account. Choose the option “I don’t know.”
When you complete all fields and click Send, your report will be sent.

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How to Get Back Stolen Instagram Account
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