How to find Your Facebook Profile Visitors

Finding Facebook profile visitors is a wonder of years and finalle now you can find out who viewed your Facebook profile.

According to news and some social media experts Facebook will literally let you see your profile visitors.

For now there is no a super easy way just click on iy and find who visit your profile.

In these circumstances you have to find all your visitors in a different way.

Find your Facebook Profile Visitors step by step

1-Visit Facebook and click on any area that does not contain any button or other things and viewed source.

Facebook Profile Visitors - 1

2-In the source page use ctrl+f (search) and type down (initialchatfriendslist) or just typr down initial friend list and you will find it eventually.

Facebook Profile Visitor - 2

3- After you find initialchatfriendslist there will be some number, each number represent your friends profile.

Facebook Profile Visitors 3

4- Select and copy any numaber ( without coping the minus or the part after minus), go to your Facebook profile and delete your number from URL and paste the number you have copied.

Facebook Profile Visitors - 4

5- Click on the enter and you will find a profile of one of your friends that visit your profile, it is amazing!

Please try and tell us how is your results, we hope that your crush is one of the most viewed profile.

If you have any qustion please do not hesitate and ask us and also share your ideas as a comment.

How to find Your Facebook Profile Visitors
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