Facebook Recommendation Tools

Facebook Recommendation Tools

Facebook Recommendation Tools is a result of big updates for business pages the main idea is increasing users experience and helping business pages to reach more users.

With this new recommendation tools users can search, find and write a review about your busines.

moreover they can include photos, videos and tags also.

The recommendation must be equal or more than  characters long and pages will show these reviews.

Facebook use tags for your reviews and suggest some of them while you make yourself ready to write a review.

Facebook believes that the tags will make it easier for both users and companies.

Tags also will help Facebook to understand what businesses is the company does.

It is directly related to how much Facebook understand your business, your business will be found easier.

Recommendations and tags could also be help against Pages – competing business might post fake reviews or false keywords for example.

Facebook will also give Pages the ability to report content in Recommendations which is “fraudulent, spam or paid for”

Facebook will also enable pages to include a “prominently featured set of action buttons on Pages”, which will enable visitors to do things like book an appointment, order food, send a message or write a recommendation in as few clicks as possible.



Facebook Recommendation Tools
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