Facebook Is Expanding Marketplace

Facebook is known as a platform for people to interact with each other in different ways. Apart from that Facebook has provided a service that connects online buyers and sellers. The platform is called Marketplace and it has been used by millions of users since it was established first.

How Does Facebook Marketplace Work?

The online shopping platform uses the social network’s database so that sellers and buyers can easily know each other’s necessary information such as their profiles, friends.

It is easy to find what buyers look for

Buyers can easily find what they look for by selecting items form lists according to their interests and where they live. They can specify their search via selecting location, price and category. When they find an appropriate item according to their needs, they can tap it and see details.

It is easy to sell items as well.

Sellers need to upload photo of their items, write a description and its price. Then, all they need to do is to wait for messages from buyers. In addition, they can post to marketplace as well as Facebook group so that they can reach more people.

Facebook Marketplace is available in more than 60 countries

Facebook Marketplace is expanding as new countries are being included day by day. Recently, it has been available in Turkey.

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According to the statistics Facebook Marketplace has been growing very much. More than 700 millions of people visit Marketplace to buy or sell something. Searches made on Marketplace has tripled since January 2017. Vehicle, technology and furnitures have been the most visited categories in the last 3 months.

It is simple to use

Finally, we should remind that it is simple to use Marketplace that you just need to click Marketplace icon on Facebook.

Facebook Is Expanding Marketplace
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