Existing Instagram Posts Can Be Turned Into Ads

Existing Instagram posts will turned your organic post into ads this is exciting feature you will be able to reach more people.

Soon we can turn organic Instagram posts into Ads, just like we could previously with already-published Facebook posts.

This can be done through the Power Editor or Ads Manager, instead of just boosting the post on Instagram itself, which means better targeting.

More good news: all social proof like comments and likes that are aggregated during the campaign will go to live permanently on the original organic post.

This is an excellent way to get visible social engagement, having a very real and permanent effect on your organic content long-term in addition to whatever other benefits you’re targeting through the ad campaign.

If you don’t have this feature yet, you will soon; it’s supposedly rolling out globally in the next few weeks.

This feature will make you advantage side according to last Instagram algorithm update.

This updates has a bad side also from now on we will see more advertisement in instagram and users hate this, at least I will.

This feature is already live in Facebook for years and did a great job for influencers.

With decresing Facebook use and Instagram increase Facebook try to use Instagram for ads, actually this is not a bad idea Instagram has great potential about this.

But the only way to gain engagement is not ads you can buy real Instagram followers and it is easier then advertisement.

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