Effective Ways Of Using Polls On Instagram

Poll is one of the newest features of Instagram. It is more interactive with polls compared to the past. Users can add polls and interact with other users better. So, in this article we will explain how to add polls and use them effectively.

How to Use Polls On Instagram

First you need to create a story in order to use polls as it is available only in Instagram stories for now. If you don’t know how to create a story, you should learn it first.

Create Your Instagram Story

If you want to use polls in an efficient way, your story should attract people’s attention and the content should definitely be related to the topic of the poll. It is up to your creativity to make your story interesting. There are variety of things to do such as adding filters, emojis or doodles. The more your story is interesting, the more your the result of the poll will be effective.

Add a Poll To Your Story

It is simple to add a poll to your story post as you need to tap on sticker icon. You can see it at the top. Then, select the poll sticker option. Write your question that you want to ask in text field. It is again up to your creativity. The more your question is interesting, the more people will reply it. Then, you need to write answers. Keep in mind that you can write only two answers.

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Place Your Poll

After you have made all arrangements, it is time to place your poll and wait for answers to come. Tap on “Done” button which is at the top. You will see poll sticker on your post and place it anywhere you want.

Upload Your Story

Your poll will be active as soon as you upload your story. If you haven’t added a poll yet, let’s have a try and enjoy.

Effective Ways Of Using Polls On Instagram
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