Why Don’t Photos Show Up In Instagram Hashtag Feeds?

Some Instagram users are having problem that their photos don’t show up. This could be due to several reasons. If you are having the same problem you can take a look at our article and see solutions.

Why Don’t My Photos Show Up In Hashtags?

Sometimes it may happen that when you upload a photo with hashtags it doesn’t show up when you click on related hashtags. One of the reasons might be that you have used hashtags that isn’t searched by anyone. So, you can try to use those which are commonly being used.

Be Careful What You Choose

Another reason is that you might be using unwanted hashtags. Some hashtags are disallowed to be used so that when you search it nothing is found. Keep in mind that more than 50000 hashtags have been banned by Instagram. You can find those when you search banned hashtags.

There May Be A Bug

It may not be about you as it might be about a bug. So, even if you hashtags with no mistake, your photos may not show up in the hashtag with. In this case, you may try to upload it again.

You May Be Using Third Party Apps

Instagram has recently taken serious measurements against spam actions. It is warning those who use bot apps and try to spam. If you are using third party apps, doing such actions you might be warned and that may be the reason your photos don’t show up in hashtag feeds.

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Your Account May Be Private

You should check your account if it is set to private. In this case, your photos don’t show up in hashtag feeds and only your followers can see them. If you believe you are doing all these correctly and there is no mistake, you can contact Instagram and write your problem.

Why Don’t Photos Show Up In Instagram Hashtag Feeds?
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