How to Delete Suggestions On Instagram

How to Delete Suggestions On Instagram

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Considering the technology and social media has been increased much in recent times, Instagram has been the most popular one among the social media platforms. And it is also on of the most popular apps in App Store as well as Google Play Store. One of the reasons that Instagram has been so popular is that its new features. Many features have been included in Instagram up to now and most of them have been liked very much. One of those popular features is suggestions. Although it is very nice feature that allows users to find their friends and more, some of them don’t want to use and delete them. In this article, we will explain how to delete suggestions on Instagram.

How Can I Delete Instagram suggestions?

This is a question which is asked by many users as they want to delete suggestions but don’t know how to do it. It is so easy to delete suggestions in a few steps. When you search someone on Instagram, its username is showed up in search when you make search for the next time. This may be disturbing for some users.

Go to Account Settings

If you want to get rid of those suggestions, go to your Instagram account settings. Then find the button “Clear the search history”. When you tap the button, a message including “Are you sure that you want to clear the search history?” will show up on screen. When you tap Yes button, search history will be cleared.

Delete A Specific User From Search History

If you don’t want to clear all search history, but one user from the history, it is possible. Go to search, type his username and it will show up. Tap and hold for a few seconds. There will appear options on screen and you can choose “Hide” option. That user will be hidden.

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