How to Delete All Instagram Followers

If you have a popular profile and it is open for public people may get interested and follow you. So, the number of followers will increase. You may also have huge number of followings. When it comes to deleting all of them it may be hard as it takes time to delete all of them one by one.

How do I Delete All My Instagram Followers and Followings?

There are ways to delete all followers and followings at once. You can try one of them according to your choice.

Use apps

There are apps to help you delete followings such as followmeter, followgram, WhiteHatBox, Hootsuit, Massplanner and stats for Instagram. And for followers there is a way to do it automatically. You can make a Imacros script including steps of blocking and unblocking of a user. You can download scripts on many websites. You can consider to use the BlackList of WhiteHatBox to delete your followers as well. It is is program which runs automatically until you stop it.

Delete Your Account

Maybe it is the shortest way if you don’t want to use apps. Here are the steps;
Click on Delete Your Account page. If you haven’t logged in, you need to enter your username and password so that you can delete your account via Instagram app.
There will appear a question on screen asking “Why are you deleting your account?”. Select an option here. Once you enter your password again, you will see the option to delete your account permanently.
Finally, it will be deleted when you click permanently delete my account.

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You should be careful before you do it as it is not reversible. If you don’t want to lose your account, maybe it is the best way to delete users that you don’t want manually.

How to Delete All Instagram Followers
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