Delete Instagram Account Here is the Easiest Way

Delete Instagram Account interestingly one of the increasing search on the Google.

This might be because of the new Instagram policy and Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica leak most of users try to delete their accounts.

After Snapchat’s decresing Instagram has had a great inrease but still lots of users tries to leave Instagram world.

Why Users Leaving Instagram?

One of the most used reasons is with decreasing engagement users do not want to post more photo and Instagram the responsible for this because of the algoriythm.

Some users do not see their friends’s posts and someone fed up with advertisements.

Another reason is explore page has tons of irrelevant post with the account, most users never visit explore page because of those posts.

Instagram will take care of those problems but until that time they will lose lots of cıstemer.

How to Delete Instagram?

We are going to summarize the easiest way to delete Instagram account.

  1. You have to connect Instagram Official web page via any browser and click on the button that delete account permanently.
Notice: On the aplication account can not be deleted.
Notice2: Once you delete your account, the process will never come back, be sure about deleting your account and then try to delete the account.
  • After clicking delete account permanently you will redirected new page that ask questions about deleting the account.
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In this step you can choose any of the answers and proceed the delete process. This question generally consist of why are you leaving us, why do you want to delete your account or other reasons steps.

After choosing other reason button, Instagram will ask you to clarify those reason. You can answer or leave it as blank and pass the last step.

  • The last step is about your e-mail adress you will see a form and fill it with your e-mail adress and then you have to fill your password.
  • This is it you deleted Instagram acoount!
Delete Instagram Account Here is the Easiest Way
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