Create Your Own Instagram Visuals

It may be a good idea to use tools if you aren’t a designer to create original and creative Instagram visuals. As you may already know you need to share interesting photos and videos to attract people so that they follow you. You may have noticed that some people have huge amounts of followers. Some of them buy Instagram followers but some of them do interesting and creative work. You may prefer two ways if you want to increase the number of your followers.

So, we will explain 2 tools that you can use to create and post interesting images and photos on Instagram.


It is important to share original pictures to take attention of people. Posting ordinary images may not be a good idea as most people do that. So, you may use PromoRepublic to get inspiring ideas and create interesting pictures.

You will find many templates and an image editor to make changes on them. You can also see statistics to see how much views your posts get. There is 14-day free trial so that you can try it for two weeks for free. After two weeks, you need to pay some amount if you want to continue to use.

It is simple to use PromoRepublic that you need to sign up first. Then, connect your Instagram account. You can also connect Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts according to your choice.

As soon as you click Instagram in the left menu, there will seem topics so that it is easy to find the template you want to use. You can also use search to find templates. When you find a template you like, pick it, make changes on it. Especially if you think to share quotes these kinds of templates are wonderful as people like them very much. You will find many other things such as additional background images, banners, frames and icons. It is just up to your creativity to use these. When you are done, click use button which is in the top-corner.

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When you go on next page, you can add description and hashtags to the post. As you may know, recently there has been an improvement Instagram and hashtags can be followed. So, you should write appropriate hashtags about your picture if you want your post to reach more people on Instagram. When you finish, just click Publish Now button to post it on Instagram.

Create Unique Emojis With Bitmoji

Emoji has been so popular around users especially in recent years. They express their feelings with different kinds of emojis and they have fun very much. So, if you like to use emojis and you are looking for interesting emojis you can take a look at Bitmoji. First, you need to intsall Bitmoji app. Then, you can sign up and follow the steps to create your emojis. It is simple and fun to create them. Once you create your emojis you can share them on Instagram. You can leave your comments and share your experience with us after you use these tools.

Create Your Own Instagram Visuals
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