How To Create Instagram polls

What Is Instagram Polls?

The Instagram polls also known as the story poll is a new feature on Instagram. It can allow you get the input and opinions of your followers about a story you post in no time. It is a free feature available to all users on Instagram. This features you can understand how your followers feel about a post. You may have seen this Instagram polls feature on your timeline by now. Here are simple and easy steps on how to create yours and get results within 24 hours.

Instagram polls

How to Create Polls on Instagram

The first step when creating Instagram polls is by going to insta-story. This is where you begin to create the polls. Ensure your Instagram is running on the latest version.

Click on insta-story, take a look at the top left side and you will see a camera icon. Tap on the camera icon and you are ready to begin sharing your insta-story.

Take any photo of your choice. On the menu on the same screen select poll. You can create any kind of survey you like by selecting the poll option. Also, you can create a simple yes or no question, or you can write a question. You can easily customize the poll to suit your need. You only have 26 characters available for the polls. Also, you can only create two responses for any poll.

After that, you confirm the poll and it goes live. Once your Instagram poll is live, your followers can see it instantly and starts responding to them.

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Instagram polls

Instagram poll results

Live stats from Instagram polls are available immediately your followers start responding to the polls. Also, you can view the stats by swiping up on your Instagram poll. The polls only last for 24 hours and will disappear afterward just like any Insta-story. Instagram polls is a creative and as well as a smart way to get responses from your followers. You can actually see who chooses yes or no since it is an open survey.

How To Create Instagram polls
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