Common Tag Problems On Instagram

With its great features and huge number of users Instagram is so popular around the world but there are common problems that people may encounter. One of those is related to the usage of tags. Here we listed common tag problems on Instagram.

Why can’t I tag people on Instagram?

It is a common question people ask. As tags are used so much, sometimes people may not know how to use or there may be a problem with tags. If you have that problem you can try these;

You can see this option under the caption box while you are writing a post.
You can simply write the username of someone who you want to tag and put @ symbol before it. For example, let’s say the user’s name is tagsomeone. You just write @tagsomeone and it is done.
You can either tag someone after you upload your post. Just press on the button with three dots to go back to editing your post. Then, you can tag people there.

When you try these steps your problem will probably be solved but if you have still failed , you can try uninstalling the app and install again.

The person may have deleted the tag

Well, it is possible that user may have removed your tag. As Instagram is so strict against spam, it gives users permission to remove tags. That user may have felt disturbed. So, it is good to consider your attitude towards people on Instagram. You shouldn’t spam and do other things that can disturb people.

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The user might have a private profile

If the user who are trying to tag has a private profile you can’t tag him. Those users who have private profiles may disable tagging. As it is very common around them, that may be the reason.

Common Tag Problems On Instagram
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