I Can’t Make Comments On Someone’s Photos

Comments are used very much on Instagram and people like to make comments on each others’ photos. However, sometimes there may occur some problems regarding comments. One of the most common problems is that there is an error message saying comment block.

I can’t Make Comments. What Should I Do

As it is the most common problem related to making comments, it is the most common question people ask. There may be several reasons about that. If you get an error while making a comment you may be using an older version of Instagram. So, you should check if it is the latest version and if it is old, install the new version.

There are limits

If the problem still exists the other reasons may be that;
You have included more than 5 @ mentions in a comment,
You have included more than 30 # hashtags on a photo
You have posted the same comment for several times (duplicate comment)
The reason of these limits is that Instagram has taken measurements against spam so that you should be careful and obey these rules. Otherwise, there will be a pop-up message on screen warning you to learn more about commenting and revise it according to the rules. There are also some words and expressions that are filtered.

You may have Been Blocked By A User

Apart from these, if you have this problem for only one person, that person may have blocked you. You can ensure that if he or she have blocked you by following these steps;
Search that profile. If nothing is found, then you have been blocked by that user.
You can try mentioning him in a comment, if you aren’t allowed to mention him, that means he has probably blocked you.

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I Can’t Make Comments On Someone’s Photos
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