I Can’t Sign In To My Instagram Account – [SOLVED]

Why I Can’t Sign In To My Instagram Account ?

There are many issues why you can’t sign in to your Instagram account. You can be changed your registered phone number on Instagram or hackers can stole it but mostly users forgot their Instagram password and if you forgot your password its easy to get new one but if you have other issues the solution may be not so easy as like the getting new password.

Instagram have eight hundred million of users and also it has five hundred million use for a month. That is solid success and big digital market movement for social media.

Last year Instagram and Facebook announced almost over than ten billion dollars profit. This profitable market’s most biggest player is Facebook and Instagram but even that hugeness can not beat some user based issues. Users sometimes lose their accounts and then they try to find a solution. Why I can’t sign in to my Instagram is coming from there.


Changed Registired Phone Number Problem

When you changed your cell phone number you registered social media account can not define your new number itselves. You need to change your phone number for every social media app you uses. But if you did not change your number then you need to recover you Instagram account from help center. Now we will show how can you recover your Instagram account from help center.

Lost Password: If you lose your password, you need to go Instagram “get help signing in” link under the sign in page. Then you need to write your registered e-mail address to for resetting your password. Few minutes later check your e-mail inbox and click to recover link for getting new password.

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Lost Phone Number: When you lost your phone or changed it you can not sign in to your Instagram account because of two factor authentication. You need to appeal to Instagram help center for recovering your account. They asks some personel question for your safety then they sent a code and they wants a selfie with code from you for identification.

Hacked accounts: If your account got hacked you just can appeal to Instagram help center with same steps but if hackers changes your password, username and e-mail you have no chance to get is back.

I Can’t Sign In To My Instagram Account – [SOLVED]
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