How Can Use Regram Tool ?

Lets Take a Look Repost Tool For Instagram

Instagram is most powerful and useful application on social media. It has many users and costumers. We will research Regram tool and repost application in this very easy to read article. Instagram has over 700 million users for now and it grows every day. So one day we should to use regram tool but before you need to know how to use it.

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Repost Tool Is Very Useful

Regram is very useful even you do not know anything about instagram or social media. First you need an Android or IOS supported cell phone. Because this application does not work for another phone system. If you are using of an android supported phone, you can search google play store for downloading Regram tool or repost application, both of them are very useful. If you are using of IOS supported phone you can go easily App Store and search for Regram Tool or repost application. Then download it.

How To Use It

When you want to repost someone’s photo you just need, that photo’s url adress. You can get that adress from post’s up right corner. When you look post’s up right corner you will see three point, click that points and open the post options. Then you can see options about post and click the “copy link” section. This is it now we going to tell secont phase of how to use regram on isntagram.

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Now you have post link of you want to repost. Open the repost app and paste the link you had before. Then the photo you want to repost will appear on the page. Follow the introductions of repost app, ten finally you will get you want it. Share the photo with logo of origin account or delete it, your choice.

Another Way; Screenshots

how to make screenshots

If you do not want to download or use repost tools, this is very easy way for sharing someone elses photo. You would like to anyone’s photo on Instagram but you do not want to use repost anyway. This is only way you can share it on your Instagram profile without repost or regram tools. Every smart phone has screenshot tool so you can sized it on your phone screen then get the screenshot. But do not forget, every phone has a different type of screenshot shortcut. Firs you need to find out how you can get screenshot from your phone.

How Can Use Regram Tool ?
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