How To Shut Off Instagram Stories Screenshot Feature

What Is Instagram Stories Screenshot Alert ?

Instagram stories screenshot feature is an alert. When you screenshot other users posts Instagram will send a alert message to the user whose taken his posts screenshot. Now some users did not happy because of this new rule and they are stalkers.

Instagram stories screenhot alert is working in silence. We guessed the screenshot feature will be like Snapchat but is was not like that. Instagram has a viewer list for its stories and when you published a story you can also see who seen your story.

Screenshot alert is in the same viewer list, when you want to see who took a screenshot your story you can just look at the viewer list. There is a screenshot icon to next to the who took your post’s screenshot. Also Instagram explains screenshot icon meaning at top of the viewer list. You can see the screenshot icon at the following image in article.  According to the picture of viewer list, “nbsalert” had taken a screenshot from his friends stories.



How To Shut Off Instagram Stories Screenshot Alert ?

There is no official way to shut off Instagram screenshot alers but we see some solutions on Twitter last night. This Twitter user explains how to shut off screenshot alerts or how can you take screenshot witout alert. These two question’s answers are very important for who wants to be a stalker. Lets take a look how we do it.

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First way is so easy and useable, you need to see you friends stories before the screenshot then when you decided to take screenshot you must take your phone to flight mode. Now you can able to take screenshots to your friend’s stories without alerts. That is so smart move for who wants to take screenshots witout alerts.

The second way is little bit complicate from the first one… In this way you need to log-in with Instagram web then you must take a link from your friend’s stories and you must use a software to download the stories. These two steps needs more time than flight mode.

Third way is a mobile software. Its name is Story Repost For Instagram. With this mobile software program you can download every stories in Instagram.

How To Shut Off Instagram Stories Screenshot Feature
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