How to Add Location On Instagram

Many people use Instagram, the most popular social media app today. Most of the users like to use it and they want to have followers. Unfortunately, not all of them have much followers that they want. So, some of them try to get more followers. They try different ways. For example, they use app to increase Instagram followers. Some of them like other posts, make comments and try to take attention of other people. Of course, it is easier when they use app to increase Instagram followers but it may be risky. Any wrong action which is taken by mistake can cause ban. Because, Instagram has strict measurements against such actions like spam. So, you should be careful if you want to use app to increase Instagram followers. Apart from apps to increase Instagram followers, there are many issues that users wonder about Instagram. One of those issues is that how to add location.

How Can I Add Location On Instagram?

This question is asked my much of the users. Now we will explain how to add location on Instagram step by step.

Add Your Location On Instagram

At first, we should say that there is no direct way to add your location on Instagram. But, there are some third party apps that let you do that. According to some ideas, Google Maps can be used to add location.

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Add Your Location With Google Maps

Users can share their location with Google Maps which is commonly known as the service of Google. First, you need to have gmail account. If you don’t have, get a gmail account and log into Google Maps. Then, add your location on Google Maps. Once it is added to Google Maps, it will also appear in Instagram search. So, users can add their locations which they created with Google Maps to their photos when they share them on Instagram.

How to Add Location On Instagram
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