How To Add Link To Instagram Strories

Do You Know How To Add Link To Instagram Stories ?

Instagram is one of the biggest social media app in world. Last year they got almost 800 million user and 300 million monthly use and these numbers are completely marvelous. Now we going to explain how to add link to Instagram stories.

World is smaller than ever now because of social media. Social media is huge potential for who wants to reach mellions of people around the world. These super potential of social media apps provides more cash income for users and e-commerce who uses social media for making money and sale. Now we will take a look at how to add link to Instagram stories. 


There are so much e-commerce on internet and they used to use other advertising options for making sales by now. But when social media upgraded its advertising models from more profitable condition, e-commerce brands changed their mind and started to make ads for social media apps.

But some low profile butic shops on Instagram still do not know how to add link to Instagram stories.

There Are Three Way Of Adding Link To Your Instagram Stories

There are three way to do that. But some of them really can be annoying for new starters. These steps are so easy to do things but one of them is not so easy because its request huge amount of followers.

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Step one is taking photos or videos for Instagram stories. If you already have one you can swipe up the screen and select your image from your phone’s image library. Now we can get next step.

Second step is needs more detail for explain. If you want to have links from your Instagram stories you must have bussiness account on Instagram and also you need more than 10.000 followers for adding link to your stories. If you can not provide 10.000 followers to your Instagram account we can do it for you. You just need to do buy Instagram followers.

Third step is so easy if you have done with second step. Now we going to tell this step with images.


How To Add Link To Instagram Strories
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