5 Easy Ways To Download Videos On Instagram

Easy Ways To Download Videos On Instagram

As you may already know it is not possible to download Instagram videos via its official app. But you don’t need to worry as there are ways of downloading videos on Instagram. There are millions of people who use Instagram everyday. Some of them have very popular. They have thousands of followers and they share interesting videos. Some of them are working hard to be popular, buy real Instagram followers. So, if you want to download videos those people share you can take a look at our article.

Check Your Android File Manager

If you have Android on your smartphone, you don’t need to download any third-party apps or use any other website to download Instagram videos. Every video you watch is downloaded in your memory of your smartphone. You need to follow Android > Data > com.instagram.android > Cache > Videos to find the videos you watched. When you change the extension of the file as MP4 you will have that video on your smartphone. Keep in mind that the last video you watched will be on top of the list.

Video Download App For Instagram

Some Android users think that using File Manager needs some effort and they don’t want to waste time. So, there is an alternative app for them on Google Play Store. One of the most popular apps is called Video Downloader for Instagram. It lets you download and publish Instagram videos in single tap. Video is added into gallery of your smartphone automatically. The app is able to download even tags with the latest update.

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Do you want to download your own Instagram videos or videos of someone on Instagram? You can set IFTTT for that. You need to have Instagram, IFTTT and Dropbox accounts to start the process. Once you set all of them, you will see the videos that you liked are automatically downloaded into your Dropbox folder. As you see it is that simple, isn’t it?


PostGraber is different from most of other web based Instagram download tools. Most of those tools can download only one video per each account. But PostGraber can download all content including photos and videos related to an account. The only thing you need is that the address of the Instagram video you want to download. You can tap three dots which is at the top right of the video you currently watch. Then tap copy link option. If you use dekstop pc copy the link which is on the address bar of the browser. Paste the url on the box of the PostGraber website. Your video will be downloaded by it. You should take note that it only runs on public Instagram videos.


DreDown (its old name is Instadown) is of the web based download tools for Instagram videos and its popularity is increasing day by day. Like PostGraber, the only thing that tool needs is the url of the Instagram video. You can just copy and paste the url of the Instagram video and it will be downloaded.

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